Saturday, 17 February 2018

Schedule for SG National Championships

Parents, please note the competition schedule if your child is taking part in the competition. If you are supporting your child, you need to purchase tickets online. If you buy tickets on the day of competition, it'll cost more.

All competitors are to meet the teacher stated below at the main door of Bishan Sports Hall Gymnasium at 7.15am. 
No transport provided by the school. Parents to send and fetch child. (No Podium Training for all our competitors. Do not turn up on 9 Mar. I'll be there only for administrative purposes.)
Girls with hair and make up all done from home. Girls hair to be french-braided in two. Eye make up darker pink, to suit the red and platinum leotard. (This year, we have ordered new design leotards for our girl competitors. I'll inform all about the cost when the leotards are delivered here. )   
The teacher or Mrs Tam will pass the number tag to competitors that morning to be pinned on the leotard. All competitors are to stay till the end of the award ceremony. Must inform the teacher when parents pick up competitors after the award ceremony.


Tickets purchase

9 March (Friday) Mrs Tam Podium training 4pm (collect accreditation, bibs, etc)

10 march (Saturday) Mdm Sabariah 7.30-10am Miss Josephine Li 10-12:30pm
WAG Level 2:
Gp A (8 yrs and under- Carrie Ng & Jenna Koh), Gp D (9 and 10 yrs – Kayla, Zoe, Nayla, Ouh Zi Xuan, Michelle, Ling Yu, Sophia & Kimberly)

0730-0755 GENERAL WARM UP 
0755-0800 LINE UP & MARCH IN

11 March (Sunday) Mdm Elaine Teo 7.30-10am Ms May Ng 10-12.15pm
MAG Level 2:
Grp R (11 yrs and under- Shane Lee, Elisha Tan, Jaden Kaiser)
WAG Level 4
Grp W (12 yrs and under – Kelly Ho, Byrdene Teo)

0810-0815 LINE UP & MARCH IN

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