Friday, 26 January 2018

National Championships 2018 organised by Singapore Gymnastics

As mentioned, our school will be taking part in the above competition on 10 & 11 March.  We will do so for the girls.
Unfortunately, after checking with the directives, the routine for the boys are different from the inter-school's competition and within 2 months to learn 2 different routines will confuse the boys. Thus, the boys will not participate for this competition. However, we are looking into participating on other invitational competitions organised by international schools and established clubs after the April inter-school competition. So, the boys will still have the chance to be exposed to more competitions.

For the girls, Coach Feng and the teachers would have informed those who are selected to participate in this years' inter-school competitions (on 9-13 April). The same girls will be participating in the SG National Championships (on 10&11 March). These girls MUST go online to SG website to register as an Athlete Member. The website is shown below. Upon registration and payment, she will be given a membership number.
Every individual needs to pay for her own membership fee. It's a yearly subscription. It costs a little more for new member and cheaper for renewal.  The school will pay for the competition registration fees which is more expensive ($110 each).
These are the girls involved:
1. Kayla Lee
2. Zoe Ang
3. Nayla
4. Ouh Zi Xuan
5. Sophia Or
6. Cherie Kew
7. Grace Lee Xin Le
8. Jema Koh Lee Xuan
9. Kelly Ho
10. Byrdene Teo
11. Allyson Loh
12. Pek Ling Yu
13. Kimberly Tan
14. Michelle Syarif
15. Carrie Ng
16. Alina Soh
(Some girls who train under Coach Wu Xiaohua may not be ready for this March competition. Please check with Coach Wu if you're taking part.)

I can only register the child after she has given me the membership number. Please do so as soon as possible so that we will not miss the registration deadline on 1 Feb. The timeline is very short, sorry for the short notice.

~Mrs Tam

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