Friday, 3 November 2017

Reporting time for Prize-giving ceremony performance

For pupils who are involved in the Prize-giving ceremony performance on 17 Nov, please reach school by 10am. Venue to be confirmed.

We will be performing only for Session 2 of the prize-giving ceremony which commences at 11am. Pupils will need to do warm up before the actual performance.

All girls to apply foundation on the face from home. This is for hygiene purposes and also to save time for make-up. When they reach school, parent volunteers and teachers in charge will help to apply blushes and eye shadows. I hereby sought the help of parents who are able to do simple make up and hairdo for the girls. Please inform Coach Feng if you can help out.

On top of the coaches, Mdm Seah and Miss Josephine Li will be the teachers-in-charge on that day. Parents will be able to take the pupils home once the performance is over.

Thank you!
~Mrs Tam

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