Monday, 4 April 2016

Inter School Gymnastics 2016

Dear Parents and gymnasts,

I am very pleased with our competitors' results this year. There might be some who might agree otherwise BUT, I believe that our gymnasts have, ALL, given their very best in this year's Inter School Competition.

I hope that you will allow me to use this platform to recognize and commend their effort. As we all know, last year was a learning journey for the team and the results were hard to swallow.
This year was a crucial year for our gymnasts, especially the P6 students and C division girls, to prove their worth and give their best.

This time round, despite the intense atmosphere, they have put up their best performance in every apparatus. Some had exceeded the coaches', teachers' and their own expectations while others felt disheartened. Nevertheless, I believed that we have all benefitted and learnt something from this year's competition. Life is a learning journey and the most important thing is to overcome the obstacles and learn from our mistakes. We are all, more than just proud, of every single gymnasts who have taken up this year's competition.

Firstly, our C Division girls have managed to performed up to expectation and won an overall 4th for the Team category. This is a commendable effort as they were only 0.03 points away from the 3rd position. GREAT JOB girls.

NOT FORGETTING, Erin, who came down in her costume to support our girls on Tuesday with her HANDMADE CHEER CARD! We were touched beyond words Erin! Thank you for showing us what it means to be a team through your actions!

It was the first time for many of our C Division boys as well. However, they did not let it stop them from giving their best. Many of them actually performed beyond our expectations.

The B division girls managed to perform exceedingly well and managed to secure a 2nd for the B Division Girl Team category! Thank you girls.
Amongst them are some outstanding gymnasts like...
  • Allyson, who is only Pri 3 this year. Her courage to compete in the B Division is definitely commendable!
  • Chloe, who managed to clinch an individual trophy for herself as well. Apart from that, her recovery from the Floor Exercise in the qualifying round was an evident sight of her strong fighting spirit. She has never failed to display what true sportsmanship should be.
  • Also, Anneka! Thank you for contributing to the team with your awesome arm power in the Bars apparatus.

Last but not least, the B Division boys and Ryan, who took part in the C Division Individual, have given their very best this time round. All of them had displayed outstanding sportsmanship during the competition.
  • Jayden has performed his routines with precision for every apparatus and in turn, earning 3 medals for 3 individual apparatus.
  • Ryan displayed great composure throughout the competition, despite being the only NYPS boy in the mixed group. He was quick to recover from his mistakes and managed to finish his routines cleanly. Great job Ryan!
  • Timothy has displayed excellent team spirit by offering to perform first for the very first event of the day, Floor Exercise. Despite the jittery start, he managed to recover swiftly and continued the rest of the routine with precision. Though this is his last year, we hope that this will only mark the many beginnings of his competition journey in Gymnastics.
  • Wen Da has displayed perseverance throughout the competition and has never given up. We are all very proud of your effort and encouraged by your persistence in completing your routines.
As a team, we are all very proud of each and every single gymnasts who have shed their sweat and blood this year's 2016's competition. Your effort is recognized and will always be remembered.
Let's look forward to another great year of competition.

P.S: Gymnasts, who have not given any teachers your medals, please deposit your medals in Locker 91. It is near the Dental clinic.

Enjoy the photos:)
As the photo resolution here may not be ideal, for clearer quality, kindly visit the dropbox link below to download them.

Miss Sarah Choo

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