Wednesday, 26 November 2014

This Fri GymFest practice and actual day performance.

Dear parents,
Please refer to the previous email on the meeting time for rehearsal and actual performance. No change in that. Meet at 8.45am and 12noon on Sunday.  The entire GymFest 2014 will end at 4.45pm. 
Please look out for me and the coaches in the morning when you reach the sports hall. When pupils meet up at noon again, please apply ready the foundation & powder on the face (yes, for all boys and girls). Bring along the powder in case we need to do touch up. Tie up / gel up your hair accordingly beforehand. Parents who volunteers to help in make-up, please also meet at noon to start putting on the colours on pupils' faces. We are doing some face painting. Hair for all boys: gel up. Hair for Secondary girls: bun in the middle. Hair for primary gym girls: bun slightly on the left side. Hair for Wushu girls: high ponytail in the middle. 
For parents who had requested for me to help purchase tickets, I've given the tickets to pupils today. Please pay me on Friday. $5 for each adult and $2 for each child. Please do not refer to the printed price on the tickets as I'd bought them at a discounted price. 
Friday's attendance is important. It's the last full-dressed practice. Please bring along costumes required. Gym Boys with long pants to bring along long white pants. 
Bryan and Daniel's parents, I need your help to remind your boys to bring the white shorts (to lend to younger boys on Sunday).
Do look out for any other updates from our gym blog till Sat night. FYI, although the aim of GymFest is on mass performance, there are awards given out at the end of the performance too. Thus, we hope all pupils will do their best on Sunday after all the months of practices. 
Thank you,
Mrs Tam     

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