Thursday, 24 April 2014

Invitation to participate in Gym Fest 2014

Dear Parents,
We would like to invite your child to participate at Gym Fest 2014 organised by Singapore Gymnastics.  The performance would comprise of a combined choreography of ex-pupils with our current gymnasts and Wushu pupils.  We have engaged a choreographer to prepare an item for this performance.  There would be separate training for different groups and then combined training later. Training for this event would be incorporated into their CCA sessions on Thursday and/or Fridays.
1.    Gym Fest 2014 (Singapore)
Date  : 13 September 2014
Proposed Training Plans                                                                                             Time Frame
1.  Briefing for Parents                                                                                                After SA1 exams (Date to be confirmed - likely a Saturday morning)
2.  Separate Training Groups: Thursdays                                                                      Term 2 Week 10
3.  Separate/Combined Training: Thursdays &/or Fridays                                               June Holidays (Week 4)
4.  Combined Practice (Thursdays &/or Fri)                                                                  July
5.  Intensive Training (Combined)                                                                                 Aug - 13 Sept

2.    15th World Gymnaestrada 2015

The school would also like to send a contingent with a strength of about 40 pupils to participate in the World Gymnaestrada in 2015.  Current P6 pupils who may not be able to join us for Gym Fest 2014 could join us for the Gymnaestrada.  The contingent would comprise of gymnasts, Wushu pupils and our ex-pupils.

Date                                : 12 - 18 July 2015
Venue                             :  Helsinki, Finland
Link:  http://www,
Schedule                                                                                             Time Frame
1.  Briefing for Parents                                                                           November 2014
2.  Confirmation of Participation                                                              January 2015
3.  Training for WG  (Separate Training) - monthly->fortnightly                   Nov 2014 - April 2015
3.  Intensive Training (Combined) -  June Committment required                End May - July 2015

We would inform you on the briefing at a later date.  More details would be given then.  

Thank you.

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